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Rules and Regulations

Our Family and Staff Work Very Hard to Ensure All of Our Members and Customers Have a Safe, Pleasant and Enjoyable Experience.  Please be Courteous and Respectable to Others by Obeying our Rules and Suggestions.  Thank You!!

  • Certified Lifeguards on Duty all Hours of Operation

  • Lifeguard CAN call "Adult Swims" at their discretion

  • No Alcoholic Beverages

  • Any Person Appearing Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol will be Denied Admission

  • Glass Bottles and Containers are Prohibited

  • Management Reserves the Right to View Contents of Coolers

  • Obey Lifeguards

  • No Profanity

  • PA Department of Health Requires any Child Still Using a Diaper to Wear a "Little Swimmer" While in the Water

  • Children May NOT Wear A Diaper in the Pools

  • No Running, Horseplay, Boisterous or Rough Play

  • All Small Children Must Have Adult Supervision

  • Swimmers Must Wear Appropriate Swimming Attire

  • The Facilities Certificate for Bathing Place and the PA Public Swimming and Bathing, Chapter 18, are posted and Available for Public Information

  • If a Customer has a Complaint or Needs to Report a Problem, PLEASE Report Inside to Speak to a Manager

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